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. . . terms and conditions

Every project has unique requirements. Once a commission is accepted by both sides terms and conditions form part of the agreement so that both parties are fully aware of what is expected.

example terms and conditions . . . . . . .

website design services
. . . the initial set up fee will provide you with a website of any design you choose.
. . . we offer a complete design and hosting service; authoring websites only as part of a complete design and hosting package.
. . . all websites are personally written to the client's instruction, they are unique and not based on any kind of commercial template.

extra pages
. . . in addition to this 'regular update' you are able to add new areas or other major additions at any time you wish.
. . . simple pages linked to an existing page are charged at £50.00/page.
. . . animations, virtual tours or other special requirements are available by quotation.

extra updates
. . . updates are free of charge according to the plan chosen. Updates addditional to those covered by the plan are chargeable.
. . . simple changes are available from £25.00/page.
. . . major page re-writes are available from £50.00/page.
. . . updates that require global site modi
fications such as editing the site menu start at £80.00

. . . design and authoring of website. This cost is dependant on the features, size and complexity of the project.
. . . our hosting fees range between vary according to usage (see prices). This is payable in advance.
. . . inclusive of the hosting is the opportunity to update your site regularly without additional cost.
. . . additional page using an existing template £50.00.
. . . additional updates (updates
not covered by the hosting plan) by quotation.
. . . animations, virtual tours, etc. by quotation.
. . . third party charges such as domain registration and web diversion will be invoiced in addition to the above costs.

initial website
. . . photography and artwork for the initial website will be supplied by Grasshopper-Hosting.
. . . all word processing and documents supplied by the client either in MS Word format or in simple text format.

. . . hosting costs are payable in advance.
. . . payment on all invoices must be made within 28 days.
. . . minimum contract is for one year.
. . . cancellation of website contract subject to six months notice for both parties.

. . . services advertised here are provided in good faith. Clients are expected to proof read all pages and advise us of any errors.
. . . no liability will be accepted for the publication of misleading information or statistics.
. . . no liability will be accepted for the misuse of published information by a third party.