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Welcome to the brand NEW Core Aquatics Blog! Here we will be blogging fortnightly about the latest tips and tricks to keep you and your children water safe. If you have any topics you’d like us to cover, send through an enquiry and we’ll see what we can do!

All blogs are written by Nicole and uploaded by Lisa Jones.

How to spot a good swimming lesson provider!

Can you spot a good swimming lesson provider?   When you’re paying for a service, you expect good quality! So, it goes without saying that you’d want to find the best swimming lesson provider that you can for yourself or your child! But could you spot a good...

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Practice and its role in learning how to swim

This week’s blog post is around practice and the role it has to play in learning how to swim. The post sets out to answer some of the questions around how quickly swimmers progress in lessons and what you can do to speed up the process!

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Adult swimming lessons – easy or challenging?

Adult swimming lessons - easy or challenging? Where do I start the topic of adult swimming lessons....? There are two types of adults learners I have generally come across, ones who are beginners, generally resulting from a drowning or upsetting experience with water....

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Consistency is key to progression

Consistency is key to progression: Consistency is important for progress; fundamentally consistency can have an equally significant impact upon swimmers' confidence. Swimmer progress Muscle memory Confidence The above three points are all linked together,...

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Expectations of swimming lessons

Expectations of swimming lessons: As a parent/guardian: All parents expect their children to learn to swim and be safe in and around water. It may be surprising that some parents seem to want their children to be Olympic swimmers overnight. Some parents allow children...

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Armbands/discs/jackets: pros and cons

Armbands, discs and jackets: 4 pros and 4 cons! Armbands/discs and jackets are also known as buoyancy aids as they are generally used to help swimmers more balanced and keep them afloat. Many parents/guardians ask whether they should buy/use and bring armbands, discs...

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How to become a swimming teacher

Swimming teacher: Teaching swimming is by far the most rewarding job role I have had in the leisure industry. As a swimming teacher you have the important role of teaching a swimmer a life skill. The journey of taking a swimmer from beginner to advanced and seeing...

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How to become a lifeguard

Lifeguarding: Lifeguards are very important and carry vast responsibility - at the end of the day, lifeguards ensure that all swimmers are safe and there to intervene if necessary. Important elements to being a lifeguard are: remaining vigilant at all times...

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Learning technique or swimming distance?

Technique Vs Distance Technique seems to be forgotten about by swimmers/spectators! There is one noticeable stereotype that the vast majority of swimming lesson spectators share - expecting lengths to be swam back to back with little feedback.  Instead allowing...

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How quick should my child progress?

How quick should my child progress?   As a parent, you always want the best for your children which we understand and appreciate. We work with our children and parents to establish the children's best learning style and ensuring they have and easy transition and...

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