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East Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

East Midlands CND is the regional coordinating group for CND groups and individual National CND members in the region, and is a significant focus for the peace movement in the East Midlands. We offer support to any members who want to be involved in peace campaigning in their immediate locality and help local groups with funding and back-up when appropriate. Our banner and stall are available for use around the area. 

Major regional campaigns focus on the Rolls Royce Raynesway factory in Derby, where components for Trident nuclear submarines are manufactured; the proposed expansion of the nuclear power industry; the problems of safe disposal of nuclear waste, particularly in the Kings Cliff landfill site, Northhants.; robot warfare and the use of drones, manufactured in Leicester and used by the Reaper Squadron, based at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire; and US missile defence bases at Menwith Hill and RAF Molesworth.

Campaign Update - Autumn 2017

Nuclear Crisis on the Korean Peninsular
The North Korean hydrogen bomb test earlier this week was a further confirmation that the threat of nuclear war is real. Trump has underlined this in various tweets and statements about the increasing possibility of war. The US has also been carrying out major military manoeuvres involving an estimated 17,500 US and 50,000 South Korean troops near the border of North Korea.
South Korea is meanwhile seeking to develop what have been called "frankenmissiles" which could destroy North Korea's underground bunkers, and is also planning to develop its own missile defence systems and to build nuclear-powered submarines. Japan is also strengthening its military arsenal and reverting to a militarist stance.
UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has yesterday claimed that Britain is under threat from North Korean nuclear missiles, as it is, he claimed, only a matter of time before the UK comes within range. He also emphasised that London is closer to North Korea than Los Angeles. Britain is preparing to conduct joint exercises with Japan early next year, a further indication that the stand-off between North Korea and the Trump administration directly concerns us as well
An emergency public meeting has been called in response to the threat of a possible nuclear war in the pacific. The world needs to step back from the brink of nuclear war and both the leaders of America and North Korea must be made to end this Nuclear madness they are leading us towards. The meeting has been called by Nottingham CND and Stop the War coalition. Kate Hudson CND will be speaking and so will be Chris Nineham from Stop the War, Rev Christopher Harrison from St.Peters Church and Louise Regan.,President of the NEU (NUT), will chair it.
 Is the world heading to nuclear war?
CND is alarmed by the threat of nuclear war in North East Asia and the wider Pacific region. North Korea continues to test nuclear weapons and missiles in defiance of the international community, while the US and its allies continue provocative actions, threats and exercises in or near North East Asia and the Pacific. There is a real danger that these actions will lead to the use of nuclear weapons by intention or miscalculation. There are no safe hands for nuclear weapons and any detonation of a nuclear device would be a humanitarian catastrophe with global impacts. Threatening and isolating the North Korean regime risks escalating the conflict rather than encouraging solutions.
We urge the UK Government to use all appropriate diplomatic, international and legal means to end nuclear threats, to push for negotiations with North Korea and a return to the Six-Party Talks involving China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Russia and the US. Both immediate and longer term solutions are needed including creating a zone free of nuclear weapons in North East Asia, a process to address the underlying causes of regional insecurity and conflict on the Korean Peninsula, and the promotion of peace, development and cooperative co-existence and security for all peoples in the region.
We call on the UK Government to reject a military solution to the conflict and urgently use its influence to press for all involved to avoid and refrain from further provocative rhetoric or military exercises and tests.

Global Abolition
The United Nations adopted a historic International Treaty banning nuclear weapons in July 2017. 120 countries voted in favour. The new treaty will make it illegal under international law to develop, test, produce, manufacture, acquire, possess, stockpile, transfer, use or threaten to use nuclear weapons. It also makes it illegal to assist or encourage anyone to engage in these activities. The UK government refused to participate and even issued a statement attacking the Treaty.
115 countries are already part of nuclear weapons free zones. Nine countries have nuclear  weapons. Almost 200 do not. Kate Hudson said:  This inspirational document represents one of the best attempts of international cooperation, and the hopes & dreams of millions across the world to eliminate a major threat to life on our planet. It sets out how the international community can work together to prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. This is the voice of the global majority of nations, frustrated by the lack of progress by nuclear possessing states’The treaty will make any activity concerned with nuclear weapons illegal, and mean a huge step in stigmatising nuclear weapons and stigmatising those countries which continue to possess nuclear weapons. The history of other global disarmament treaties, such as those against chemical weapons, biological weapons, land mines and cluster bomb shows that once a treaty is in place it is harder and harder for states outside the treaty to maintain their position, and exposes those states much greater scrutiny of their position. In other words, a treaty banning a weapon comes before rather than after that weapon has been eliminated - the existence of the treaty pushing forward reduction and eventual elimination of a particular weapon.
On the 20th September 2017, the nuclear ban treaty will open for signature. States across the world are invited to sign up to prohibit nuclear weapons. This is a giant step forward on the road towards global abolition of nuclear weapons. Over one hundred countries are likely to sign the treaty, but will Britain make the most of the crucial opportunity for peace?

CND is calling on Theresa May to take a major step to prevent nuclear war
We have written to the Prime Minister with advice on the actions she could take to prevent a nuclear war. Signing the ban treaty is one of our demands. We invite our supporters to sign the letter and to encourage friends to sign too. We will deliver the letters to Downing Street on the 20th of September.
On the 23rd September, the Guardian will carry a full-page advert in support of the global ban. Add your name to the advert by making a donation to cover the cost of the advert.
There will be a stall in Derby city centre in the morning of Saturday 23 September with information & petitions to sign.
And please join us at CND’s International Conference: ‘Confrontation or cooperation: Nuclear abolition in dangerous times’ on Saturday 14th October 10am – 5pm at 220 Arlington Road, London NW1 7HE   (admission free)

‘A BETTER WORLD IS POSSIBLE’ conference will be held at Friends Meeting House, DERBY on Saturday 16 September 2017 from 10.30 – 4pm. 
A wide variety of progressive groups in Derby & Derbyshire are campaigning/working to combat injustices and make the world a better place. Whether it is human rights, climate change, arm sales, refugee rights – we all have a greater impact if we can work together with other groups who share some of our ideas.
In order to facilitate joint working (or simply to inform others of your group’s existence) you are invited to an open meeting: “A Better World is Possible”. The format will consist of short talks (5 mins) by one member of each group in the morning. Groups who have agreed to come include Amnesty, Citizen, City of Sanctuary, Cuba Solidarity, CND, Global Justice, Peoples’ Assembly, Save the NHS, Sound Bites, Stop the War, War & Refugees Forum, William Paul Society.

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