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Contact details for Lutterworth and Villages Peace Group
Contact: Jackie Humphries, 23,Sycamore Drive, Lutterworth LE17 4TR
Phone 01455 552519

Situated in South Leicestershire, Lutterworth and Villages CND Peace Group started life in 1979 .It remained active through the period of the anti Cruise Missile Campaign in the 1980’s sending aid and support to the Greenham women and demonstrated regularly at Molesworth and Faslane, where the town councillor and Mayor for Peace Sue Wailoo and fellow activist Tom Cuthbert were arrested for non violent direct action. At the close of the Cold War through the Mothers For Peace network the group hosted a visit of American and Russian women in the area giving talks and sharing experiences of life in their separate countries. In May 2005 CND Vice President Bruce Kent spoke at the groups AGM.

Group members regularly attended the local MP’s surgeries to question and protest both Trident’s deployment and the Iraq war. Other activities involved tracking the Trident warhead convoy on the M1 through Leicestershire and the Special Nuclear Materials convoy from AWE Aldermaston to Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby. The group produces a newsletter and has direct links to other CND Groups in the East & West Midlands regions. A popular fundraising activity with the group was the summer ‘Feast Week’ stall at the town carnival. This brief account covers only a fraction of the group’s work over the years but which is a collection of affable and rather jolly friends concerned about War and opposed to nuclear weapons but with many interests in issues related to politics and life in the world today
Jackie Humphries with her partner Tony is a retired and well travelled teacher and grandma with a wide range of interests in the environment and young peoples education. Several group members have moved to other parts of the UK but remain in touch with Jackie as peace activists and good friends. If you live in or near this historic market town on J20 of the M1 do contact Jackie with your interests in any aspect of anti nuclear, environmental and peace activism

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