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Chesterfield CND campaigns actively in Chesterfield and around Derbyshire. Members are also frequently involved in campaigns organised in other parts of the East Midlands region and Yorkshire and, of course on National demonstrations, sharing transport in the group. A regular newsletter keeps members in touch with campaigns. Much of our campaigning joins common cause with activists in groups other than CND. We work particularly with Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Amnesty, under the umbrella of PROPEACECHESTERFIELD, arranging peace focused events.
Now more than ever! We need to exert pressure on politicians to work for a peaceful andenvironmentally sustainable future. There are many different ways to campaign from letter writing to non-violent direct action. Find out more from our secretary,Moyra Jean,, tel. 07732128480; orLesley Mathews, tel. 01246 235723,; or Jenny Pereira at .

For more information contact:
Moyra Jean:  tel. 07732128480;
Lesley Mathews, tel. 01246 235723,;
Jenny Periera at
Or see website:  email:
Facebook:        twitter: @ProPeaceOrg

Spring 2016

Austerity, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power and Climate Change
Nuclear power is dangerous and expensive, a source of greenhouse gases, and a target for terrorism. It makes the proliferation of nuclear weapons far more likely. The alternative is clear. Renewable sources of energy are clean, create more jobs, and are sustainable, yet support is slashed.
So why? The civil nuclear industry is known to provide key expertise and skills for the UK to remain part of the military nuclear club.
Climate change is the real existential threat to human life and these issues are all inter-linked. So we have been increasingly co-campaigning with other local groups who share our concerns for the future and our children’s future.

 On 10th November last year we held a joint meeting with the local Green Party to hear Natalie Bennet speak on the issues ahead of the Global Climate Summit in Paris in December and then travelled on the coach from Chesterfield to join the CND bloc on the People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs in London on 29th November.

Our main activities this year continue to be focussed on the campaign to Stop Trident Renewal. We took a nearly full coach from Matlock & Chesterfield to the Stop Trident demonstration in London on 27 February. There were a wide range of ages and campaign experience on the coach and everyone agreed on the pleasant, friendly atmosphere on the demonstration – helped on our coach by the lively singing of  suitable ‘alternative’ words for well-known tunes, kindly supplied by Oxford CND.

We continue to link our cause with others, so we have had visible presence at many of the anti-austerity marches, ‘Save our NHS’ and Climate Change demonstrations, both locally and nationally. So please join us on the Peoples Assembly anti-Austerity march on Saturday 16 April in London.

Rolls-Royce factory at Raynesway Derby remains a main point of demonstration, the company being heavily involved not only in Trident but nuclear power, with nuclear waste and transport of radio-active materials an issue. We are, therefore, planning two demonstrations there in April ( 18th & 21st) on either side of a Labour Party debate on Trident at County Hall, Matlock, on 26th April, at which a Rolls-Royce Trade Union Convenor will speak for Trident, opposed by Bruce Kent. We hope to generate media interest in this, which will also help with our efforts to establish a viable CND group in Derby.

We also enjoy joining the anti-Drones protesters at RAF Waddington near Lincoln, where we joined in ‘Flying Kites not Drones on 19 March. For detais of how to join us please contact our secretary, Moyra Jean:; tel. 07732128480

No Glory in War: The real lesson we should take from the current WW1 commemorations is that ‘war is not the answer.’ With PropeaceChesterfield the ‘Courage of Conscience’ project, funded from the Heritage Lottery, aims to put local people in touch with the history of Derbyshire’s conscientious objectors during the First World War.
Over the last year we have held a number of fascinating events to help local researchers discover many forgotten local stories.These have been turned into an exciting education resource for schools and providing material for Chesterfield Young Writers Group. There will be a celebration event and exhibition at the Donut Creative Art Studio, Spring Bank Road, Chesterfield on Thursday 23 June from 6pm.

And don’t forget May Day This year the traditional Gala is on Monday 2 May and we will have our usual stall with an additional display of material about peace campaigning over a century and more. If you can spare any time to help on the stall please contact Margaret Priest (telephone 01246 235723).We will be very grateful for your time and any other support you can provide.

June 2015

In the run-up to the General Election we held the Peoples Ballot about Trident Renewal at stalls and hustings in & around Chesterfield and, of course, at the May Day Gala. Although our re-elected Labour MP, Toby Perkins, favours keeping UK nuclear weapons, the results of the Peoples Ballot in Chesterfield were an overwhelming 93% against replacing Trident. It is clear that most people want a government that will spend money on health, welfare and education.

All round the country people have been left feeling disappointed at the election result and at towns and cities around the country there have been many demonstrations to express the frustration and fear felt about the future of our public services. CND members in Chesterfield joined the anti-austerity demonstration in town called immediately after the election and got huge support from everyone as we marched round the market.

People’s Assembly National Demonstration End Austerity Now!
Join CND’s Scrap Trident bloc on the People's Assembly national demonstration to send a clear message to the new government that they should abandon austerity policies and govern in the interests of the majority not the rich few.
Assemble 12pm Saturday 20 June outside the Bank of England, City of London - march to Parliament. There will be coaches from Chesterfield leaving at 8am from the Town Hall: to reserve seats text or phone: 07919486101

1.30 – 3.30pm Saturday 13 June, Chesterfield Library “The World is My Country” free workshop & talk
The event, a visual celebration of the people and movements opposed to the First World war, will be led by artist Emily Johns and researcher Gabriel Carlyle, and is based around a series of ten posters created by Emily last year to mark the World War 1 centenary. Copies of the posters, and accompanying 100-page booklet, will be available to purchase at the event, which is being organised by PropeaceChesterfield as part of the Courage of Conscience project.

Emily Johns said: 'The First World War centenary (2014-2018) is being accompanied by a tidal wave of events, exhibitions, TV series, books and commemorations. However, the histories and stories of the people and organisations from around the globe that opposed the slaughter are receiving little or no attention. Neither saints nor superhumans, these people nonetheless exhibited a form of heroism that can inspire and strengthen us all today: the moral courage to stand up for your principles – often at great personal risk – despite massive social pressures to do the opposite.'

“David Lane Remembered” ~ an informal memorial meeting for David Lane, life-long peace activist and conscientious objector, was held at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham on June 7th. Many people locally will remember David fondly, seen often in Chesterfield selling Peace news and helping on stalls. Bruce Kent was there, as were many of the people who worked alongside David in book shops and on many campaign trails.

Events 2015

The theme of campaigning this year has to be ‘Scrap Trident – spend the money on Health, Education, Jobs & Homes’ Chesterfield CND joined the national ‘Wrap up Trident’ march in January and the ‘Climate Change’ demonstration against austerity in March. The argument will be just as important post-election: come and join us in the CND bloc on the ‘End Austerity Now’ march on Saturday 20 June.

We also got a lot of passing public support for our NHS not Trident protest outside the Rolls-Royce Raynesway factory in Derby, which has already received a vast amount of Government money for its facilities to build the successor to Trident in advance of the final decision on replacement, due in 2016.

We have been lobbying all our local candidates about their position on Trident Renewal and have been holding The Peoples Ballot on Trident at stalls and meetings around Derbyshire. Chesterfield CND, Disability Campaigners group, Save our NHS, & UNITE Community hosted Chesterfield Constituency hustings on 17 April in the Assembly Rooms, where more than 60 people heard the candidates answer questions from the public on public spending priorities, the National Health Service, policies for disabled and unemployed people, defence and nuclear weapons. All the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates had been invited but the Conservative candidate refused & UKIP were unavailable so we heard from Labour, LibDem, Green & TUSC candidates. Both the latter were strongly in favour of scrapping Trident, but both Labour & LibDem would keep nuclear weapons.

The next opportunity to take part in the Peoples Ballot before polling day will at our stall at Chesterfield May Day Gala on Monday 4 May. As usual this will be a great day out – and if you are able to help us with the stall & the ballot please phone Margaret Priest: 01246 206074.

And don’t forget to cast your vote on Thursday 7 May!‘Courage of Conscience’ Last year PropeaceChesterfield received National Heritage funding for a project to explore the stories of local peace activists during the First World War. On Saturday 6 JuneAs part of that project we have invited Peace News to bring their special exhibition of posters (about the story of feminist peace initiatives and clandestine printing presses, Maori princesses and banned philosophers, disobedient soldiers and striking German munitions workers) and talk about the posters and the WW1 anti-war movement.

Events 2013-14

No Glory in War The centenary of the First World War has been made much of this year, and will probably continue to feature prominently for the next four years. The government and the media are using the anniversary to highlight and promote the role of the military in society. A national campaign of political, cultural and educational activities aims to counteract these ‘nationalist’ interpretations of the conflict and use the occasion to remember the dead, learn the lessons, and promote international solidarity and peace. (For more information go to

PropeaceChesterfield, working closely with Derbyshire Library Service and Record Office, have received National Heritage funding for a project to explore the unknown history of peace activists in Derbyshire during 1914 – 1918 War with a view to creating material to be used by community groups and schools. We would welcome contributions from anyone able to assist with family memories or other local information. Contact us at or

On Sunday 9 November we will be laying a wreath of white poppies along with all the others at the Remembrance Day ceremony in Chesterfield. The White Poppy for Peace first appeared on Armistice Day in 1933, at a time of rising concern that the ‘War to end all Wars’ would soon be followed by an even worse war. It is a symbol of grief for everyone harmed in war and represents a commitment to work for a world where conflicts will be resolved without violence and with justice.
You can get your White Poppy from Margaret Priest (tel. 01246 206074)

In 2015 we will be able to vote for the MPs we want to see governing us, so now is a critical time to convince them that what the opinion polls say is the view of the majority, especially of young voters, is a vote winner: Scrap Trident. We have a new postcard campaign targeted at politicians standing for election in 2015 with the message that £100 billion can be much better spent on health, education, housing etc. and asking what their position is - with the threat of them losing our vote at the next election if they favour Trident Replacement. Once filled in we collect the postcards to deliver to the constituency offices etc. They are available on all our stalls and get a good response, with people signing and stopping for a discussion.

Encouraging people to sign the post cards and petitions is part of raising awareness about nuclear weapons. Having fun at a festival, and chatting to some festival goers about nuclear weapons, is also how we spread the word, getting more people to think about saving our wonderful world from complete nuclear annihilation. This year, as well as the traditional Chesterfield May Day stall we have had several stalls in Derby, at The Ashley Hay Festival near Wirksworth and at the One World Festival in New Mills. We shall be having a stall on Saturday 11 October at the ‘Miscarriages of Justice’ event about Alice Wheeldon (framed and imprisoned for helping Conscientious Objectors) in Derby and again on Tuesday 4 November at an event with Bruce Kent entitled ‘Resistance to WW1 – ignored or forgotten?’. Come and join us to help on the stall or simply enjoy the event!

We continue to campaign on the 21st of every month from 1- 3pm at the gates of RAF Waddington near Lincoln (on the A607 between Bracebridge Heath and Waddington village), which is the control base for the British Reaper Drone which is killing people in Afghanistan.
In July the theme was the grim reaper harvesting death in Afghanistan - it being the Reaper drone and by the beginning of the British harvest; in August it was ‘Flat Pack them back’; and September ‘Peace One Day’. Please join us on Tuesday 21 October & Friday 21 November. (for transport contact Moyra Jean on 07732128480)

In August Chesterfield hosted the group of mothers marching from Jarrow to London on the Save our NHS People’s March, with many joining them on the march through Derbyshire.

An important focus of our campaigning remains the Rolls-Royce Raynesway factory in Derby,where we held a vigil on Hiroshima Day, Wednesday 6 August.But this year one of the most spectacular events was on Saturday 9 August – Nagasaki Day, when a seven mile knitted peace scarf will be rolled out to join the nuclear bomb factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield. Hundreds of people around the country and in Europe had been knitting lengths of pink wool for the Wool not Weapons protest against Trident Renewal. Much to her families surprise even our secretary, Moyra Jean, was seen knitting her contribution at a Rolls-Royce demonstration!;; Campaigns: Missile Defence

For more information contact:
Moyra Jean: tel. 07732128480;
Lesley Mathews, tel. 01246 235723,;
Jenny Periera at
Or see website: email:
facebook: twitter: @ProPeaceOrg

We also campaign on the 21st of every month from 1- 3pm at the gates of RAF Waddington near Lincoln (on the A607 between Bracebridge Heath and Waddington village), which is the control base for the British Reaper drone which is killing people in Afghanistan.The Fly Kites Not Drones event there on Friday 21 March brought over 60 people from the East Midlands, Norwich, Sheffield, Liverpool, Oxford, London and Hastings to fly kites in solidarity with young people in Afghanistan at their New Year. We talked with some of those young people in Kabul through skype. 21 March was the Afghan New Year and more than 60 people joined us to fly kites as part of the traditional Afghani celebration, with a direct link not just to Kabul, but to demonstrators in other parts of the world. On Bank Holiday Monday 21 April we wore our Easter bonnets and 21 May we danced round the Maypole.
The next Drone Watch Waddington is on Monday 21 July with the theme of the grim reaper harvesting death in Afghanistan - it being the Reaper drone and by then we will be harvesting many crops in British fields. Come in a grim reaper costume or perhaps wear black.

There continue to be regular vigils at the Rolls-Royce Raynesway factory in Derby, marking Chernobyl Day on 28 April and The International Day for Child Victims of War on 4 June and will be there again on Hiroshima Day, Wednesday 6 August. And this year there is a special event on Saturday 9 August – Nagasaki Day, when a seven mile knitted peace scarf will be rolled out to join the nuclear bomb factories at Aldermaston and Burghfield. Hundreds of people around the country have been knitting lengths of pink wool for the Wool not Weapons protest against Trident Renewal.
There will be a coach going from Sheffield with some of the knitters and if you would like to join us please contact Lesley (01246 235273) to book a seat. For more information see:;; Campaigns: Missile Defence

On Sunday 29 September two coaches from Chesterfield took protesters to the TUC “Save the NHS” demonstration in Manchester at the Tory Party Conference. We joined the thousands there, wearing the CND “NHS not Trident” Tshirts. On 6 October we joined the demonstration outside Lincoln Magistrates Court in support of the drone protesters arrested at RAF Waddington; and at our last public meeting in November Keith Hebden, one of the ‘Waddington Six’ protesters, spoke about their trial in Lincoln.

In November we had a stall at the Vegan Fair ‘Compassionate Derby’ at St Peter's Church in Derby. We sold a lot of White Poppies for Peace (they are a symbol of grief for everyone harmed in war, signifying our continuing inability to settle conflicts without resorting to killing and our hope and commitment to work for a world where conflicts can be resolved without violence and with justice. They will be a particularly relevant image during 2014 with its emphasis on the anniversary of the 1914 -18 War.

As in previous years we joined the 4th July demonstration demanding ‘Independence  FROM America’ at Menwith Hill, the US spy base, on UK soil.

On Saturday 6 July, the first really hot day of summer, we had a stall at the One World Festival in New Mills. We were joined by these young people who gave a fantastic range of suggestions for what we could do with £100 billion saved by scrapping Trident!

And on Tuesday 6 August Hiroshima Day we joined the vigil outside the Rolls-Royce Raynesway, Derby factory where the reactors and fuel rods for Trident and Astute class submarines are manufactured. Sheffield CND are holding their AGM on Wednesday 20 November at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield at 7.15pm. Dr Kate Hudson, General Secretary of CND, will speak about why we need to scrap Trident NOW. Kate is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner well-known nationally and internationally, and the author of ‘CND Now More Than Ever: The Story of a Peace Movement’. This is a great opportunity to have a coffee and to hear Kate. There will be time for questions.

CND expects to have a stall at the Vegan Fair ‘Compassionate Derby’ at St Peter's Church, St Peter's Street, Derby, DE1 1SN on Saturday 30th November. This is usually a fun event, and if you are interested in helping at the stall please contact Moyra Jean (details below). For more information about the event go to:

We are coming up to Remembrance Sunday. Wear your White Poppy for Peace. A symbol of grief for everyone harmed in war, the White Poppy signifies our continuing inability to settle conflicts without resorting to killing and our hope and commitment to work for a world where conflicts  can be resolved without violence and with justice. Contact Lesley (01246 235237) for your poppy or

Bruce Kent set off the annual May Day march with an inspiring speech, lamenting the lack of vision of present day politicians and urging them to make the connections between the savage cuts happening across Britain and the hypocrisy of renewing Trident. After the march he joined the CND/STWC/PSC stalls in the Winding Wheel, where we showed a slide show: ‘Oppression & Aggression’, about Palestine & drones. He also attended an ecumenical lunch hosted by Canon Michael Knight

The May Day Gala coincided with the Community Arts Festival, for which we mounted an art exhibition of and by children suffering the ongoing consequences of  the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan in 2011, with a talk by the artist. See Campaigns Nuclear Power.
In the evening of May Day Judy Dunlop, Steve Marsh and Mark Gwynne Jones provided an ‘Evening of Poetry & Song to Entertain, Amuse & Provoke’ in the Winding Wheel.
Events 2012
During 2012 Chesterfield was well represented at all the vigils and demonstrations outside the Rolls Royce Raynesway factory in Derby and at the demonstrations against the use of drones now being controlled from RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire. As well as a ‘Peace Picnic’ there in September and a protest on a freezing day in October, when 13 Squadron was ceremonially ‘stood up’ at the base, Chris Cole, of the Drones Campaign Network, gave an illustrated talk on ‘Afghanistan, Drones & the Future of Warfare’ to a joint meeting of CND and STWC in November. And we again joined the coach from Sheffield to mark ‘Independence FROM America Day’ at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire (see Campaigns: Missile Defence). Unfortunately the heavy snow forced us to cancel the New Year ‘Get Together Gig’ with STWC at the Labour Club on 20 January, so we have rearranged for Saint Patrick’s Day, 17 March, so we hope you will come and join us for a relaxed evening of music.

It’s widely acknowledged that Chesterfield’s May Day Gala is among the biggest and best in the Country. This year the weekend kicked off with  ‘An Evening of Peace and Protest’ with music from Roy Bailey and friends. The traditional march through the town was accompanied by the Nottingham Samba Band, followed by speeches & music in the town centre.  An archive of photographs covering peace activities in Chesterfield from the pre-war campaigns 'Aid for Spain' in the Thirties, the British Peace Committee of the fifties, CND and STWC up to the present day was continuously displayed in the Winding Wheel, where we also had stalls and an exhibition of anti-war art by Chris Holden which was visited by our MP, Toby Perkins, and Chesterfield’s Mayor and very well covered in the local press.

ProPeaceChesterfield, was created in 2011 by local peace campaigners from CND &  STWC. It  is  a new website with Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide a platform of support for local Peace and Justice groups to work together, sharing information, resources and events in order to build and grow their organisations and provide a base of information for individuals wishing to explore the work of the wider peace movement. The organisations involved so far the ProPeaceChesterfield group include Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Stop the War Coalition (STWC), Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and Amnesty International. There is a page for each on the website with links to the national websites for each organisation. 

As usual Chesterfield CND has been active at demonstrations at Menwith Hill on 4 July, at RAF Waddington (Peace Picnic on Sunday 23 September) and the actions at Rolls Royce Raynesway in Derby. See below for autumn events.

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