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Ecumenical Commission

Mission Statement

'That We all May be One so that the world may believe’. We undertake to……. Explore, Value, Promote, Celebrate

Aims of the Commission:

To challenge and facilitate Christians of all denominations, living and working within the diocese of Nottingham to recognise the presence of Christ within them and to live out their lives as fully as possible as followers of Christ.

The Commission exists specifically to enable and empower Catholics to play their full part in the Ecumenical life of the area in which they live, so that together the whole church can witness to the world, especially to those who as yet do not know Christ.

To this end we have approximately 85 Parishes have appointed representatives for Ecumenism and this facilitates an exchange of information and news from around the diocese

New Chair 2017

The commission has seen a change in its membership recently – Fr. Michael Moore has stepped down as Acting-chairman and Fr. Gerry Murphy is no longer Bishop Patrick’s representative on the Commission. We thank both them both for their support and loyalty, and send them our best wishes in their new roles.

Mrs Fran Wickes has been appointed by Bishop Patrick to chair the Commission with immediate effect:-
Fran is employed as the Parish Catechetical Coordinator for St Mary’s Church and Holy Family Church, Derby, organising the Baptism, First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Marriage and RCIA preparation programmes, as well as other aspects of catechesis and children’s work within the parishes. She is also the School Chaplain at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery, Derby. She worships at The Church on Oakwood, a Local Ecumenical Partnership, and is actively involved with both the Catholic and Protestant congregations.’

The commission is now in the process of defining its role in today’s world and how best to support and encourage greater unity among all denominations and faiths, and we ask for your prayers for the success of our deliberations.

Reports from around the Diocese

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