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Administration Manuals - Parish

Download the new updated Parish Administration manual.

Section A refers to the Parishes only.
Administration manual

Section B refers to the Diocese as a whole.

Health and Safety
Health & Safety Manual
(pdf format)

Employers’ Liability Certificate

Annual Return forms

The year end return for 2014/5 is now available to be downloaded. If you have any queries please email Jonathan Gamble (email : or telephone: 0115 953 9844

It may be returned by email to, but in this case please be sure to

  • send it to:
  • put the name AND THE PLACE of the parish in the file name
  • send the signed front sheet to Willson House by post, fax (0115 953 9805) or by scanned email to the
    same email address as above. 
  Annual financial return letter      MS Word Pdf
  Annual financial return front page MS Word Pdf
  Annual financial return (rest)                  MS Excel
  Annual health and safety letter   MS Word Pdf
  Annual health and safety template MS Word Pdf
  Guidance Notes                MS Word Pdf
Gift Aid declarations for parishes and Sick & Retired Priests
  MS Word Pdf
Sick & Retired Priests Gift Aid
  Gift Aid -Sick and Retired Priests Fund Gift Aid Sick and Retired Priests Fund

Parish Gift Aid - Please remember to insert the parish bank account details before distributing to parishioners

  Gift Aid (MS Word) Gift Aid (PDF)

Gift Aid Central - Please ensure that these are returned to the finance office so that a reference can be added enabling the donation to be credited to the correct parish or restricted fund.

  Gift Aid (Central July 2013) Gift Aid (Central July 2013)
Curia Risk Assessment Template  
  Curia Risk Assessment 2016 (MS Word) Curia Risk Assessment 2016 (pdf)

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