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Diocesan Ideas Board

This new service on the Diocesan website is now available to you.  It was suggested as an idea to be able to share fundraising ideas. Please feel free to try it out and for feedback -  why not place your comments onto the website?

Please note that although it is ESSENTIAL to complete all fields, incomplete fields will invalidate the message. No private data will be published or made available to a third party other than what is available on this message board.

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Jan 2015    
Wendy Piper

Parish of St Joseph the Worker
New Year celebration We had Mass at 11:15pm on New Years Eve and a short celebration afterwards. We was just in time to welcome the New Year afterwards. This enabled lonely, elderly, families, young & old to have a safe place to celebrate the New Year with like minded friends. What better way to bring in the New Year than with the Mass! It was a great success.
March 2014    
Cheryl Broodryk Archbishop of Liverpool Congratulations to Bishop Malcolm on his appointment as Archbishop of Liverpool. You are in our prayers and every blessing from us all at the Good Shepherd Church.
April 2012    
Anne Shimwell Fund-raising/social

Not a new idea, but maybe worth trying - a Pyramid coffee morning/evening.  Ask six people to volunteer to host one, inviting six guests, then each guest goes away and asks a different five guests, and so on.  Charge £1 for coffee and biscuits (or tea and cake!), you will be surprised at how much this can raise, if no one drops out.

Nov 2011    

Marisa Hartley-Brown

Prison Advice and Care Trust

I have been asked to email you on behalf of our charity, PACT. We have very strong catholic roots and support and is helping hundreds of prisoners and their families in your Diocese.  Work of this kind is seldom a popular choice for funding from the public, and we absolutely depend on the goodwill of our Catholic faith community to continue. We are delighted to have received support in the past from several parishes in your Diocese and would like to let more people know about our work.  It would be tremendous help to us if you were happy to include a link to our websites on your link page of your Diocese website. Our websites are:
The Prison Advice and Care Trust
Just people

Through our work in prisons and communities up and down the country, pact is
committed to alleviate the immense, but often overlooked, needs of
prisoners, ex-offenders and their families. We care for those who feel
lonely, isolated and abandoned; and offer a message of hope for a fresh
start and a new beginning. 
We aim to reduce re-offending through innovative schemes, centred on
'family',  'community', and the message of 'A Place of Redemption.' We
believed that Catholic Social Teaching and the active engagement of our own
faith community alongside other Christians is not only right, but more cost
effective and constructive.

Sept 2011    
Christina Mottram Equality Consultation

Bishop Arnold says:

" we invite you to identify the particular issues which have arisen in your experience and on which you would have found guidance helpful. In responding, could you use the form , or follow its headings.

Only the briefest indication of the issue of concern is needed, e.g. ‘Letting of Parish Halls to groups at variance with Catholic teaching’, or ‘Restricting advertised posts on the grounds of religion’, or ‘Limiting  shared accommodation in retreat centres to married couples."

Bishops' Conference consultation on Equality If you wish to read the documents on the website then go to the CBCEW website and scroll down on the list on the left and click on Legislation and public policy - Bishops consultation on the Equality Act will then appear - click for full information. Comments are requested in summary by mid October.

Sheila North Hunger Lunch

We held a hunger lunch, everyone paid £2.50 for a bowl of homemade soup and crusty bread with cheese and savoury rice. We made £122 for East Africa Famine Appeal.

June 2011    
Gillian von Fragstein Funds for Kaoma

The orphanage in Kaoma , Zambia, is one of our Paish projects:run by presentation sister  Sr Vianney and takes care of over 100 of orphans and growing daily. The centre costs approx £700 per month to run. Myself and 4 other musicians are giving a recital of word and music on the theme of Spring and Summer.

Venue: Our Lady of Lourdes, Mickleover,Sat June 18th 3.30-4.30pm, to be followed by tea.

All donations to this worthy cause.(Last year a concert for the cause raised over £1000-please come)

May 2011    
Alison Kennedy Free chairs

St Joseph's parish in Leicester has 115 wooden stacking chairs needing a home - no charge to potential recipient parish or convent or school, etc. The chairs are in reasonable condition but are no longer required by our parish hall. Anyone interested should telephone 0116 2415159 (photo can be emailed on request).

March 2011  
Michael Johnson Fundraising

This is both and fundraising idea and perhaps more importantly and way of building a real sense of community within the parish.

For the past 4 years we have held a International Cuisine Evening in the Church Hall. It is an opportunity to get our newly arrived immigrant families to produce a dish from their country of origin (we have around 12 different nationalities)and to sell tickets for an evening of tasting.

The tickets are £5 each and this entitles the ticket holder to taste as many dishes as they want. The evening works very well and people tend to bond a lot better over a plate of food and we manage to raise £500 to £600.

February 2011  

Sr Marianne Lucchesi

Vocations weekend

I'm afraid this is not a fund-raising idea, but just to ask you all to pray for our forthcoming vocations weekend. Four women will join the Franciscan Sisters Minoress to discern whether the Lord may be calling them to consecrated life.

Thank you for your prayers, and thank God for the openness of our young people to God's will in their lives. Do all you can to make people aware of the richness of each vocation in our Church. God bless.

January 2011  
Ursula Vickerton Rural Parish Fund Raising ideas

We are a geographically up to 15/16 miles across, rural parish, 109 seats in our Church, only one Sunday Mass at 9.30 am. Share our Priest with Brigg St Mary's Parish around 12 miles away from central Barton a town of 11,000 to 12,000 people.

We have run 2 Strawberry Fairs.... in late June early July in our large grassed grounds. Making a feature of strawberries and cream, strawberry teas, pimms and soft drinks with strawberries and other fruits.. also children's games and other stalls as possible. All outdoors with arrangements so we could relocate inside in case of rain. First year also had a children's fancy dress competion which encourages families to attend. Each made over £ 500 each.

We have had 2 printed draws which after covering costs of cash prizes and printing costs with over 75% of tickets having been sold... first time summer drawn at 2009 strawberry fair.. next time Nov Dec 10 drawn at Christmas Nativity and refreshments after Mass Sun 19 Dec . One of the benefits of a draw is all adults of the parish can be asked to sell/buy tickets.

In Nov 2010 we ran our first Christmas Bazaar, hard work but with tombolla, cakes, white elephants, children's toys, books, cards, children's tombolla, refreshments of toasted tea cakes, baked pots etc.. made a reasonable amount for in a long morning 10 to 1 pm, plus pre and tidy up volunter hours/ efforts.

We have also joined in with events in the town such as Bike Night in early July and Christmas Festival in Sat before 1st Sunday of Advent.. but these can be quite alot of work for surplus generated of sometimes less than £ 100.

We are currently seeking to raise £ 2,000 a year for our parish to help cover annual running costs of our parish. Other ideas for raising money without alot of work/ volunteer effort welcomed.

Ursula Vickerton Secretary of PPC and Social & Fund Raising Committee St Augustine Webster Parish Barton on Humber

Elaine Kinney


New Years I was a parishioner at OLGC in Eastwood.  I have moved back to USA since my husband died 2007.  I moved in 2009. Have visited family and parishioners last year.  Always remember our Rev. Bishop Malcolm attending Beauvale Pilgrimage!  I wish all of you a Happy New Year and please keep me in prayers as I begin chemo this week.  Please, remember my friend who lives in Shipley who, also, will begin chemo.  Thank you and God be with you in all your endeavors for 2011.

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